about Charlie

If you'd like to use a photograph for the Charlie template header, the photo needs to be very wide, but fairly short. The image used in the sample template is 930px wide by about 350px tall (it's a wide angle photo). A regular 4x6 dimension photograph, when sized to 930px wide, will cover most of if not the entire screen - your visitors will see nothing but one huge image when they land on your page, and will need to scroll down quite a ways to see the actual blog. And that would not be good.

An image can always be shrunk, but you cannot selectively shorten it while keeping it wide - it will distort it like crazy, and may cause significant eye strain/and or injury to your blog's visitors.

So if you'd like to use an image for the Charlie template header, it should be 930px wide, and really no more than 400px tall. I'm happy to resize (shrink) your photo for you, but if it needs to cropped or otherwise processed, I'll ask you to do that yourself (cropping and color can be a pretty subjective thing, taste-wise). You can play ad infinitum with your images on Flickr, Picnik, and Photobucket.