changing fonts and color settings

In order to change the color settings for your blog, you'll just click over to the Design / Edit HTML tab, scroll down just a little until you see the <Variable name> section, and then replace any hex color codes you want to change with new ones of your choosing (color chart here). Depending on what template you've purchased, the options you'll have control over will vary, but in general, you'll see several options, including "text color", "link color," etc. The section will look roughly like this:

For instance, you might want to change the link hover color. In that case, you'd look for the link hover variable, highlighted in the image below:

Once you find the variable you want to change, simply replace the given hex color code with a new one of your choosing. Just be careful not to delete any of the surrounding code.

You can play around with different color values and hit the "preview" button to see how it looks before saving (though you won't be able to see "hover" colors until you save the template and mouse over them).

Note: I strongly urge clients to back up their template before making any changes.

The same directions apply if you'd like to change one or more of the font options in your layout. Click over to the Design / Edit HTML tab, and scroll down a bit until you see the <Variable name> section. Towards the bottom of this section, you'll see the font options. Depending on what template you have, these will vary, but the section will look generally like this:

So if, for instance, you'd like to change the text font, simply find that variable...

...and replace it with the font you'd prefer, such as Arial. The updated code would then look like this:

You can play around with different web safe font options, and preview to see what you like. Remember, you can only use web safe fonts, such as these, and again, remember to back up your template first!