finding your Blogger NavBar

Your Blogger NavBar, if you had it enabled before, would be the long skinny bar at the top of your blog that says "Customize" and "Next Blog".

By default, and since most clients request it (since it's kinda ugly), I disable the Blogger NavBar.

If you'd prefer to have your Blogger NavBar restored, go to Design / Page Elements, and scroll down until you see this code:

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;

Delete this strip of code, and save your template.

Remember that you can always access your layout by clicking on the "quick edit" pencil icon below your blog posts. If this isn't visible on your blog, you can enable the icon from your Layout / Blog Posts. Your blog's visitors won't see this pencil icon - only you will.

They also won't see the blank space surrounding the pencil or wrench icons (by sidebar items), either.

You can also quickly access your dashboard and blogs by bookmarking this address for easy clickage: