centering items in your sidebar

To center the HTML code for an image (say, of a button, badge, or an Etsy or Flickr mini gallery), frame the block of HTML code in the following code:

<div style="text-align: center;">{HTML CODE}</div><div style="text-align: center;"></div>

2. Save. The badge, button, or gallery should sit in the middle of your sidebar. Three cheers for symmetry! (Though unfortunately, this trick doesn't work on some outside JavaScript badges - Flickr widgets, for instance, and Amazon badges.)

This trick also works with text.

If you'd like the item to be left justified, just change "center" to say "left" on both tags; likewise, you can change them to say "right" as well. Like this:

<div style="text-align: right;">{HTML CODE}</div><div style="text-align: right;"></div>