how to add "read more" divider tags to your posts

Adding a "read more" line break to your blog posts is a piece of cake. If you use the updated post editor (selectable under Settings / Basic), you can follow these directions to add the break.

However, if you're using the old editor version of the post editor, your post composition window won't have the jump break icon option above it. But no worries, you can just type in some easy-peasy HTML to create the break. Here's how...

1. Write the portion of your blog post that you'd like to appear before the break.

2. Then, wherever you'd like the line break to appear, add the following code:


This will create the line break in your post.

3. Type the remainder of your post immediately after this code.

4. Publish.

If you'd to modify what the line break says, you can do so under Layout / Blog Posts. Just click the Blog Posts element, and when the Configure Blog Post window comes up (it'll look like this:)...

...change the "post page link text" from "Read more" to "more after the break" or "don't stop now..." or whatever you'd like.