how to add hearts or other shapes to your post footer

At the bottom of the Samantha template, I've added a pair of hearts around the post footer content:

Dig it? Wanna try it? Here's how:

1. Go to Design / Page Elements
2. Click the Edit link, at the bottom right corner of the Blog Posts widget.
2. When the Configure Blog Posts window launches, decide where you want your heart to go. You can type the code anywhere there's a text box to be typed in, under Post Page Options (the "posted by" box, the "on/at" box before the date, the "comments" box, etc.) Here, I've placed it before "Posted by":

Experiment to see the effect of placing symbols before, after, or in between tags. Some ideas...

♥, Ellie
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The codes for several shapes can be seen here.

Codes can also be used in post titles, sidebars, welcome sticky sections, etc.!