how to selectively remove an image border

If you have a template that's configured to have a border around the images, and you'd like to disable that border selectively for a particular image, here's how:

1. Upload the image to your blog post. If you resize your images to be larger, do so now.
2. Click the Edit HTML tab above your post window (so that you're under Edit HTML, not Compose).
3. Locate the image's HTML, and use the following code to frame it:

<div class="customimage"> {IMAGE HTML CODE HERE} </div>

This will work no matter what kind of image border you have - even just a plain solid line.

Note: this trick is for Rainy Day Templates that have been recently installed, as well as all future templates. All recently and new templates contain a code in their HTML that the above code "speaks to", in order for the disabling effect to work. In other words, if you don't have the main source code in your template, the above trick won't work.

And remember, since you can post images as large as your main column allows, adjusting for your image border/padding, disabling the border will allow you to post images a bit larger (since the border/padding won't be there).