configuring a sticky element

One way to have a nice looking sticky element is to use both an image and some welcome text to greet your blog's visitors. If you'd like your sticky element to have these items, here's how to do that. (For basic info about how to locate and use a sticky element, please see this tutorial.)

1. Presize an image (such as a portrait of yourself) to about 100 or 120px wide using Photobucket, Flickr, etc.

2. Upload the image to any blog post under the "left" alignment setting. Make sure you're under the Edit HTML tab, not the Compose tab.

3. Copy/Paste the HTML for this image to your clipboard.

4. You can now actually erase the HTML for the image and republish the post, since once you've uploaded the image to any blog post, a copy of it remains in your Blogger Picasa album.

5. Go to Layout, and click Add Gadget in your new sticky element section (directly above Blog Posts). Choose an HTML/JavaScript gadget.

6. Paste the HTML for the image into the pop up box that launches.

7. Type your welcome message or greeting directly after that.

If you'd prefer your image to be to the right of your text, choose "right" alignment setting when you upload the image.

Since the sticky element has the same font/alignment/title settings as your sidebar elements, if you want to have separate paragraphs, you'll need to add paragraph tags each time you want to start a new paragraph - just type the less-than symbol, then the letter p, then the greater-than symbol, or this:

Type these characters immediately preceding any sentence that you want to begin a new paragraph.

If you'd prefer your image to be to the right of your text, upload it using the "right" alignment setting.