Blogging 101: post VS pages

Sometimes people get mixed up about the idea of blog "pages", asking me how they can create individual pages for their bios, portfolios, etc.

The thing to realize is that while a traditional website has individual pages that all look different from one another, and support different content, a blog doesn't have individual pages. It only has a series of posts, listed in reverse chronological order.

Visually, the main difference between a website and a blog is that with a blog, the sidebar content (including any link lists, blog rolls, sidebar menus, buttons, badges, etc.) will always be visible to you and your readers.

So if you're wondering what "page" your About Me or your contact info will go on - remember, it won't go on a page at all. You can't have separate pages for different topics, or certain content. You can't have separate pages, per se, at all.

The best you can do with a Blogger blog is use individual posts as pages. We call these "post-pages". You can write a post titled "About Me", for instance, and place a link to that post either in a menu or your sidebar. Or you can write a post containing your contact info, call it "Contact", and have a link to that in your navigation menu.

Just remember that no matter what post your reader is viewing on your blog, s/he'll also see your sidebar(s).