ordering a template with a photo header

Please be sure you have the photo(s) picked out that you'd like to be used in your header before ordering your Jordan, Amelia, Charlie, Penelope, or Zoe template.

I can take care of shrinking any photos proportionally, but if you'd like them cropped, edited, or color-processed in any other way, I'll ask you to please do that beforehand. Tip: Picnik on Flickr is an incredibly fun and useful tool! =)

Here are the minimum sizes your photo(s) need to be, to fit these template headers:

Amelia 960px wide*
Jordan 930px wide*
Charlie 930px wide*
Penelope 300px wide
Zoe 160px tall

*Remember, I can only shrink an image proportionally. If you only have a standard 4x6 ratio photo, that will not work for a short, wide header such as the Amelia, Jordan or Charlie has.

You'll either need to find a different, wide angle photo, or crop a very large version of a horizontally-based, 4x6 ratio photo such that it stays very wide, but relatively short (no taller than 350px or so; otherwise, the photo will cover a huge portion of your blog, and prevent readers from seeing any content).

If you're not sure how large your image is, you'll need to find out the pixel width. There are a couple easy and free ways to do so online. If you have a Flickr account, you can upload your image there, then use the Edit Photo option to find out the image width. You can also use Photobucket in the same way.

(Tip: you can easily tell if your photo is as wide as the sample template's header image by visually comparing them, too.)

If you're still having trouble determining whether your image is wide enough to use as a header, just send me the largest size of it that you have - I'll tell you whether or not it it's wide enough to be used as a header for the template you'd like.

Again, please note that if your photo is not wide enough to act as a header, I cannot "stretch" it - doing so will distort the image.