add a label as a title in your navigation menu

1. First, decide on a label you'd like to use as a link in your menu. Maybe it's "portfolio" or "recipes" or "favorites" or "travels."

2. Make sure this label is applied to at least one PUBLISHED post.

3. Go to a post where the label is applied. Make sure that you're looking at your published blog (in other words, you should be seeing your blog as usual - you shouldn't be looking at the list of posts under Posting / Edit posts)

4. Click on the label itself. You'll see a status window come up that says "Showing All Posts With Label X", where X is the label you've designated.

5. Move your cursor up to your browser window, and highlight the URL (the http://.... address) that's showing.

6. Copy/paste this entire URL down to your notebook, text edit, document - wherever.

7. This URL is what will go into your navigation menu - it'll look something like this:

Paste this URL into the appropriate place in your navigation menu (replace one of the URL OF MENU TITLE sections with it).