Terms and Conditions

Publishing Format. Please note, templates are for use on Blogger-hosted blogs only. Your blog can always have a custom domain name (such as rainydaytemplates.com vs. rainydaytemplates.blogspot.com), but it needs to be hosted through Blogger.

Styling Limitations. Fonts of blog text, post titles, tag cloud text, post footers, and date stamps must be web safe fonts.

Refunds. Refunds are rewarded only in exceptional cases, such as where I terminate an open project or decline to begin one.

Layout Arrangement. Template layouts are permanent and as shown in individual descriptions here. In other words, if a sample template has a left-hand sidebar, you won't be able to switch that sidebar to be on the right-hand side, after installation. Likewise, if a template has two columns, you won't be able to add a third column yourself, after installation. Bottom line: the number of columns and their placement cannot be changed, after installation.

However, in most cases, I can build the exact custom template you need - I call this a Frankenblog (so, if you'd like an Emily template, but with the column arrangement of the Penelope, etc.). Just let me know what you have in mind! (Additional fees apply.)

Image Hosting. I ask that clients to sign up for a free Photobucket account in order to host their own graphics (it only takes a minute to set up a free Photobucket account). This is where I'll store any backgrounds on your blog, your TwitThis! icon, the networking/feed buttons, and any other sidebar graphics I've created for you. Since template installation is always free, I'll just need your Photobucket sign-in info, and I'll take care of uploading and storing those images in your account for you.

Access. In order to create, install, or support your blog, I will need temporary permission to sign in to your Blogger account. I do not email template HTML codes for any reason, and require an actual, existing Blogger blog to install your template into.

File Saving. Unless you've specifically requested I do so, I will not save your header or other graphics, nor will I retain a copy of your template HTML.

Support. Due to the sheer number of blogs I install, I cannot possibly provide technical support for them all myself. Instead, I provide all clients access to an ever-growing resource directory with tutorials and tips I've written, plus links to outside instruction. It is your responsibility to back up both your own template and the images used on your blog, and I strongly urge you to do so. If there's a problem with your blog, in some cases the easiest solution will be to reinstall the template.

I strongly encourage clients who are brand new to blogging to create a Blogger blog and familiarize themselves with it before placing an order for a template. This should be a blog utilizing the "Old Template" style templates (launched 2006), selectable from Design / Edit HTML (not a template utilizing Blogger's Template Designer). At the very least, you should be able to create posts, upload photos, add labels to your blog, and add and rearrange gadgets within your layout. My templates function in exactly the same way as the "factory" template you start your blog with, but if you need general blogging guidance (such as for the things listed in the previous sentence) after installation, I will refer you to this page.

Payment. Payment must be made in full prior to project start. When you're up in queue, I'll get in touch to answer any quick questions you have, but I do ask clients to make full payment for their package before we move beyond that.

Template Usage. The template you're purchasing is single-use only; you may not apply it to multiple blogs. If you'd like the same template applied to a second blog, just ask! I'll set it up for you, and just charge a small multiple use fee. You may not resell or redistribute any of the templates.

Graphics. Please don't grab the graphics off of your blog and put them on your Twitter page. Chances are I won't mind you using the designs that way, but I'd appreciate you asking beforehand. Likewise, please don't grab the graphics from the templates to create buttons, badges, or other design elements.

Prices. Listed prices are subject to change. When clients are up in queue, they'll be invited to review and approve the current pricing for the package/extras they'd like before proceeding with payment.

Project Selection. Please understand that while I'm so very grateful for the many business propositions I receive, I cannot possibly take on every project that is presented to me. I choose only those projects that I feel are well-suited to my skills and availability. Likewise, I reserve the right to terminate an open project if I feel I cannot meet the client's demands. If for some reason I do terminate a project, a refund will be issued in full.

Porfolio. I reserve the right to display all work, including finished templates and preview sites, for purposes of promotion and advertisement.

Post-Installation Modifications. Just about any change you'd made to a template can be made by me, prior to installation, for an extra services fee. This includes column addition, column rearrangement, post rearrangement, font and color changes, and more. See here for more info.

Clients are welcome to further modify the templates on their own after installation, but please note that (for what I would hope are obvious reasons) I provide limited instruction on how to do so. If tutorials for the way you'd like to modify your template after installation are not already posted here - and you'd prefer not to pay me to make x changes for you - you'll need to research and learn how to make those changes yourself.

Linkback. All templates (with the exception of wedding websites) will be installed with a small, unobtrusive text link at the bottom of the page. By placing your order, you agree to leave this link intact for as long as the purchased template is in use on your blog.