About Enhanced Modifiability

If you've customized the color or font settings of your Blogger blog, you know that you can make these changes under Layout / Fonts and Colors, in the scroll box. It's there that you can change the font of your blog text, blog title, blog description, and sidebar titles, and the color of your blog text, post titles, and links/visited links.

What I've done is gone through and made coding changes to each of my templates so that in addition to control over these basic variables, you'll have control over many more variables of the template design. You'll be able to change things up and experiment to your heart's content!

Some of the added variables I've given the templates include:

post title font
background color (for blogs with a solid color background)
sidebar/widebar background color (such as the Penelope)
comment box background color and border
hover pop! color (the color that appears when your links are moused over - great for adding a subtle accent)
block quote color background color and border
navigation menu bar background color
navigation menu titles color
navigation menu hover color
multiple border colors (so that you can individually control the colors of all borders on your blog)

And for those templates that feature background colors to sidebars, widget boxes, sidebar titles, etc. (such as the sidebar colors of the Misha and Susannah and the sidebar title background color of the Emily), I've added those options as variables you can control, as well.

And best of all, it's super easy to make the adjustments you'd like, since you don't need to mess with your template code at all. Check it out:

And remember, if you don't like the standard color options given in the selection boxes to the right of the scroll box, you can always simply enter in any hex color code you'd like, to the far right box - just remember to hit enter after typing it in.