now and later FAQs

I've found that many of the same questions come up both during and after the process of setting up your blog, so I put together this second FAQ. Hopefully it will anticipate and answer any questions you might have.


Why is the sidebar content on my preview site different than the sidebar content on the sample template?
The sidebar content shown on the sample templates (blog rolls, archives, welcome sections, etc.) is exactly that - sample. You'll be in charge of adding and creating all of your own sidebar content, and deciding what to title it.

Can you change my post footer wording to say the same thing it says on the sample template?
After installation, you'll be able edit that content to say whatever you'd like under Layout / Blog Posts. Feel free, of course, to use any of the devastatingly clever wording I've come up with.

I'm getting a template with a photo header. Will I be able to change it later on?
You can change your header image anytime you'd like! Here are instructions how.

Can I redirect my blog to a custom domain with my new template? I don't want the .blogspot tag in my address.
Yep - you can do so from Settings / Publishing. You can actually purchase your custom domain right through Blogger. Very easy, quick, and cheap.

Will you take care of re-directing my blog to my custom domain for me?
Sorry, no, that's not a service I provide.

Can you create a matching feedburner box/button for me?
Sorry, no. I don't know very much about feedburner, so I don't really like to mess with it.

How do I pay for the extras/accessories I'd like?
I'll have you settle up with me just prior to installation, by visiting my PayPal page.

Where will I put my "About Me" info? Do those go on separate pages?

This post explains the what, where, and how of "About Me" content.

Also, there's an explanation of the difference between blog posts and web pages right here.

I'm confused about menu titles, menu links, and how that information is linked up. Do I need to make separate blogs for each thing that goes in my menu?

Please read this post about navigation menus, and this post about posts v. pages.

I'm not sure yet what I'd like to put in my navigation menu, or I don't have those posts/labels ready yet that I'd like the titles linked to. Can you add this information later?

If you'd like me to come back into your blog and add your menu information later, after I've installed the rest of the template, I can do so for an additional $5.

Will I be able to change the photo I've chosen for my blog header?

You're welcome to change out your header image(s) at any time yourself, but you'll need to supply your own finished, correctly-sized header to do so. Please note that the Zoe and Jordan templates aren't formatted to allow you to switch out just the images - the entire header area, including title/tagline, would need to be recreated. Likewise, the Amelia header image and blog title are on the same level (in other words, removing the picture will remove the blog title). The Charlie header image can be replaced at any time with any 930px wide image.

You're setting up my profile styling for me with a picture I've supplied. Will I be able to change that picture out later on?

You can always edit any of your sidebar content yourself, later on. But bear in mind that if I'm styling your profile, I'm doing so by using an HTML/JavaScript widget, not a standard Profile widget. You can always add your own Profile widget (Layout / Add a Gadget / Add a Profile) yourself, and then change the photo that's used on your Blogger profile page.

But if you'd like to change the photo I've added to your sidebar, you'll need to first resize it, then upload it to a post, then copy/paste the image HTML into the HTML/JavaScript widget in your sidebar. And if I've given your profile picture any kind or border or drop shadow, that special effect won't transfer over to your new picture. The picture itself would need to have the border/drop shadow re-added by me.


Where's my personalized pagination?
It won't show up until you have enough posts showing on your first page to warrant a second page. To find out how many posts-per-page you have set, go to Layout / Blog Posts. You can change the number to whatever you'd like, but I don't recommend more than 10-12 posts per page, otherwise your blog may load rather slowly and cause visitors to leave.

Where's my Twit This! icon?
Twit This! icons only appear when an individual post title is clicked on. This is also called the post-page.

Where's my post signature?
If you have a post signature that appears above the post footer divider line, it will only appear on future posts (though I may have added it to one or two of your posts to check the code). When you write a new post, the code for the signature will automatically appear in the post window; just space it down once or twice, and then compose your post as usual.

Where's my Blogger Navigation bar? The long skinny bar at the top through which I sign in?
By default, and since most clients request it (because it's fugly), I disable the Blogger NavBar. If you'd prefer to keep it, there are super easy instructions on how to add it back right here.

Where's my site meter?
That's part of the sidebar content that needed to be saved prior to installation. I try to make sure that's very clear beforehand, but I apologize if you missed that bit.