Blogging 101: "about" content

Sometimes people get confused about how and where they can post "About" content on their blogs. These are the options:

1. You can have an About section in your sidebar. This would be a photo of yourself and some bio content.

If you'd like to put an "About" section in your sidebar, either you can do so yourself (by clicking the Add a Profile gadget from Layout), or you purchase the Profile Styling option from the extras & options page, and have me create one that's a bit more stylish (a larger picture, with a frame or drop shadow, a matching title, etc.).

Please note that there's no way to link sidebar content to a horizontal menu. Your visitors will find your "About" content by seeing it in your sidebar.

2. You can have an "About" post, which contains (for instance) a photo of yourself and some bio content. This post can then be linked to your horizontal menu, so that when visitors click on the title "About" (or whatever you'd like it to say), it brings up the published post with your information.

3. You can link your Blogger profile to your horizontal menu. This way, when visitors to your blog click on the "About" title in your navigation menu, it will launch your Blogger profile.

4. You can use a "sticky" welcome element section to contain your "About" content. This content will not move, and will remain static the top of your blog posts.