Blogging 101: labels as menu titles

One option for organizing content on your blog is to use individual labels from your blog as links in your menu.

If you're not sure what a label is (also called a "tag" or a "category"), go to Posting / New Post. At the bottom right-hand corner of your blog composition window you'll see a bit that says "Labels for this post:". In the open space to the right of that, you can type in keywords to classify the content of your blog post. These keywords are what's called "labels", and they will appear above or below (depending on the styling of the template) the blog posts they go with.

If you're brand new to blogging, it's a good idea to try this concept out in order to understand how it works. Just write a post, and add the label "sample". Click publish (this is an important step). See how it says "sample" at the bottom of the post you've just written? Now, click on the actual label itself. Your blog will refresh, and you'll see a little window that says "Showing All Posts With Label Sample" at the top of the page. Underneath that window, the post you wrote will appear. If you were to to label several posts with the word "sample" and then click that label, your blog would refresh showing ALL the posts to which that label is applied. Getting a sense of the potential?

Now, here are some ways you can utilize this option:

Say for instance you're a florist, and you'd like to classify each post that has a photo of one of your bouquets as part of your portfolio. Your navigation menu can contain a "Portfolio" title, linking on which will bring up all posts that have your portfolio label - all posts in which pictures of your bouquets appear. Then prospective clients can see all posts with examples of your work all in row by clicking the "portfolio" link at the top.

Other ideas for labels in your menu: Press (for professionals), Engagement (for photographers), Favorites, Bargains (for decorator blogs), Recipes (for chefs), etc.

To see an example of how this all works, check out this template. If you click the menu title "Affianced", it will bring up all the posts I've published which contain that label.

To use a label as a menu title, simply click on that label in your blog, on any blog post where it's applied. Your blog will refresh, showing a status bar that says "Showing newest posts with label tips". Copy the URL for this page - it will look like this:

and insert into one of the "URL of TITLE X" part of your navigation menu's HTML. Then replace the "title" with the label itself. When you're done, the line of code will look like this:

<li><a href="">tips</a></li>