Blogging 101: posts as menu links

One way to organize content on your blog is to use a post as a sort of "page" on your blog. We call these post-pages. For instance, say you'd like to write up a small bio about yourself or your company, and would like it easily accessible to your readers, by way of your navigation menu. In other words, you'd like it configured such that clicking a certain title in your navigation menu will bring up a certain post-page.

Here's what you'll do...

1. Write a blog post that contains the content you'd like to share. It could be an "About Me" post containing your bio information, a "Contact" post containing your email or company address - maybe even a list of links to your favorite shops that you've titled "Favorites".

2. Publish the post. (This is a very important step.)

3. Click on the post title. When the blog refreshes, you'll see that the only post on the page is the one whose title you've just clicked on.

4. Move your cursor up to your browser's address window. This is the line at the top of your browser page containing the URL (http://www.... address).

5. Highlight the entire URL, and copy/paste it to your notepad, desktop, etc. It'll look something like this:

Insert this URL into the appropriate place in your menu, replacing one of the URL OF MENU TITLE sections of code. Then replace the MENU TITLE with whatever you'd like, such as "About" or "About Me".