posting two or more images on one line

If you'd like to post two images on one line (such as I did here), you need to do a little bit of math:

1. Determine the width of your main wrapper, by following the second set of directions here.

2. Determine the padding and image border width of your template by following the same directions (step #3).

3. Now, here's the formula...

main wrapper width - 2(padding + image border width) = how much space you have for two images on one line. In other words, if your main wrapper width is 600, your padding is 4px, and your image border is 1px, here's your equation:

600 - 2(4 + 1) = 590
600 - 10 = 590

That means, you'll have 590 pixels worth of width in your main column, in which you can post images. Now, there's a bit more math to be done, since you'll need to divide that number by the number of images you want to post in one line.

If you want to post two images in one line, you'll divide 590/2, giving you 295. That means that both images can be 295 pixels wide, to sit on the same line.

You may have to play around a little bit to get the exact size and spacing you want, but once you determine the right size for two images (or three, etc.), jot it down so you don't forget.