wonky fonts or color settings

There are two different places where you can change the font of your blog posts. From Layout / Fonts and Colors, or from the drop down menu at the top left of your blog posts.

As a rule, I strongly discourage bloggers from changing the color or font settings of their text within the blog post itself. I only recommend you do that for the occasionally enlarged or differently colored title, such as directed here. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with a lot of HTML color, font, and size tags which can be difficult to work with unless you're familiar with them.

In general, you should always make your font, font size, and color choices from Layout / Fonts and Colors.

However, if you do find that your fonts, font sizes, or color settings have gone wonky because you've been modifying them within the blog post, the easiest fix is to just re-do those posts for which there is a problem.

1. Looking at your blog (as a normal visitor would do), click/drag to highlight the text of the post you're having problems with. Copy this text to your notepad, desktop, a document, etc. Right click (PC) or Drag/drop (Mac) the images used in your post to save those, as well.

2. Open the problem post, and make sure you're under the Edit HTML (not Compose) tab.

3. Erase the entire post.

4. Copy/paste the text of post back in, and re-upload your images.

5. Republish the post.