about color changes

Like one of the templates, but not in love with its color scheme? No problem. The entire design can be made over in any colors you'd like! First, select the "+color change" option from the drop-down purchase menu underneath the template's description. Then when I receive your order, I'll get in touch to ask what colors you'd like for your blog.

There are are four options for communicating the color changes you'd like - you can choose what's easiest for you, depending on how much control you'd like over the template's new design:

1. You can look at a diagram of the template (I'll provide a link), labeled with all of the variable color sections, and give me your specific color choices (hex color codes) you'd like for each element. I'll need color choices for the background(s), borders, blog title, header elements, all accessories and special touches, including Twitter birds and Twit This icons, networking/feed buttons, and comments and block quote sections.

2. You can create a palette on Colour Lovers (or any site of your choice, as long as it provides hex color values), save the palette online, and furnish me with a link to where it's been saved. I'll use these colors as the basis for your redesigned template. If you'd like specific colors used in specific ways, please let me know before I begin reworking the template.

3. You can send me a .jpg, .gif, or .png file of a palette or other illustration/image, such as appears below. I can import this image into Illustrator and "grab" the colors from it for as close a match as possible. I'll use these colors as the basis for your redesigned template. Again, if you have specific notions about what colors you'd like where, please let me know before we get started.

4. You can refer me to your existing website, or one of the other templates - or any website/blog that uses the color scheme you'd like.

Whichever method you choose, you'll be allowed two rounds of revision to your color choices without additional cost. After that, additional rounds will be $10 each.