add a "sticky" element (permanent post)

All templates now come with an extra element section in the layout, located directly above the main posting column (the Blog Posts section):

This is sometimes called the "sticky" element, since you can use it as a sort of permanent post (it won't have a date stamp or any post footer content).

Using it is simply a matter of adding gadgets to the section by clicking Add a Gadget and making your gadget selection from the Blogger menu (in the above picture, an HTML/JavaScript widget has already been added). You can use it as a profile section, a greeting, for announcements, to add your Twitter bird or networking buttons to - anything you'd like! It will always sit at the top of your blog posts.

It's just like a sidebar element, so you can add multiple elements, as well. But remember that since it's just like a sidebar element, it will have the same settings, including font styling, title styling, alignment, and line height as your other "regular" sidebar elements. But you can use tricks like changing text colors and font size to help customize it.

There are instructions on how to configure a simple sticky element section with an image and some text right here. And don't forget, you can use these tricks for changing text colors on your sticky element, as well.