how to add your post signature

To make your post signature appear automatically in each of your blog posts, here's what you'll do:

1. Upload the signature image to Photobucket (or another free image hosting service of your choice).

2. Copy/paste the HTML code for the image to your desktop/clipboard. You may have to mouse over the image to get the code box to pop up and appear like this:

3. Back at your blog's Dashboard, go to Settings / Formatting, scroll down to the empty Post Template box, and copy the HTML code for your signature image into that box. It'll look something like this:

Save. All new posts will automatically start with the signature image appearing in the compose window, which you can then space down as you like.

IMPORTANT - if your blog has any kind of border appearing around your post images, you'll need to sandwich the image HTML with the following code:

<div class="customimage"> {SIGNATURE HTML CODE HERE} </div>

This will prevent the border that appears around your post images from appearing around your post signature. When you add the code, the Formatting box will look something like this:

Save, return to your layout, and start a new post. You should see the signature automatically appear in the compose window.