how to's (for basic installation template orders)

If you've ordered a template with basic installation, most of the template's design has been installed and set up for you, including the template code itself, your header, the Twit This! icon, the comments section and block quote styling, all color/font settings, any image border styling, personalized pagination titles, and a blank navigation menu for you to plug your links into.

However, now you'll need to add your menu links, configure your Twitter bird and networking buttons, and add your post signature. If your template comes with any matching titles or buttons, you'll need to add those, as well. Here are easy-peasy instructions on how to do all of these things:

How to Configure Your Navigation Menu
How to Add Your Twitter Bird
How to Add Your Networking/Feed Buttons
How to Add Your Post Signature
How to Add and Hyperlink a Sidebar Button or Title

You really don't need any kind of HTML knowledge to do this stuff, I promise. =) Just go slow and follow the instructions, step by step. However, if you feel you'd rather not deal with it, you can always purchase upgraded installation, at the bottom of this page. If you decide you do need help with installation, that page will also tell you the information I'll need to help you, so please have that ready. Thank you!