Client Respones

I'm so excited about my blog's facelift! - Blair, Joie de Vie Jewelry and Accessories

You are the best. It was so worth the wait. I LOVE IT! I was trying so hard through so many iterations to get something like your template but nothing would do. I am just over the moon excited. - Nicole, Girl Photography

I received a comment on my blog last week calling my blog "soooo serene." Besides having a serene & delightfully charming blog, I also have the most patient & talented blog designer in Ellie. The enhanced modifiability is an awesome bonus feature, as well. Her buttons are the honest truth; she truly beautifies the blogosphere. - Bethany, Bethany Anne

I love it! I am so, so happy. Thank you! - Courtney, Courtney Kimbrough Photography

Ellie, I cannot thank you enough. I absolutely love what you've done. It's perfect. Exactly what I was looking for and SO MUCH more! I could sit and stare at my blog all day long - it's so pretty! I'm completely thrilled with both the blog and the Twitter background. They're perfect and just so me! You've made this whole experience an absolute joy - completely pain free, no hassle - and the whole thing has been done in the space of about 5 days! What a star! - Honey, Honeyfitz Dreams

Ellie, you are awesome. The blog looks AWESOME. Ack. You rock, you rock. - Lindsay, Our Little House Blog

Ellie is funny, competent, thorough and based on the testimonies left on her site, capable of embracing a myriad of design aesthetics. She, as she says on her website, "bend[s] Blogger templates to [her] will" in absolutely wonderful ways. What you're left with is not only a customized front-end but more options for back-end customization than I ever thought possible...Overall, I am 100% pleased with the Rainy Day Templates experience and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a Blogger facelift or complete overhaul. - Meaghan, oh meaghan

Ellie is very talented and I highly recommend working with her! - Shannon, My little corner of the internet.

THANK YOU! It looks great :) - Brittany, Portabella Photography

Thanks so much again. Your blog designs are the best I've seen so far out there in the internet world that I've searched. - Virginia, lovely little parties

Thanks so much for the beautiful template! My blog seems so much more professional and streamlined, and I've already got tons of compliments from my friends and readers. It was great working with you, and I appreciate your patience and 50+ emails! Your template makes my baked goods look even sweeter! I would recommend your services to anyone :) - Erica, Erica's Sweet Tooth

Thank you so much!!! I love the blog!! - Erin, Erin Pot Pie

I am loving it! The page looks lovely! It's everything that I wanted! You are fantastic!!! :) - Mimi, Irresistible Icing

OMG! Thank you SO much! I LOVE it! It was such a pleasure working with you! You don't know how happy and satisified I am! - Majell, Majell del Castillo Events

Looks fantastic! YAAAAAAAAY! Thank you so much for all of your help. You're amazing!!! - Tracy, Tracy Tendean Photography

I just wanted to thank you for doing my blog. I absolutely love it. You did an awesome job. Thanks so much for brightening my week. - Tammy, Life From My Teacup

Thanks so much for helping me out, your designs are fantastic! - Rebecca, Rebecca Jane

Everything looks amazing Ellie! I'm so glad I waited, because I could never find anything better. The template works just like a factory one, which is great because there won't be glitches. :) Everything was set up so quickly, so my readers didn't have to go through a period of confusion. ** I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!! ** You're a doll to work with, and you're so knowledgeable. The next time I need a template, I'm not even looking anywhere else!...For those of you waiting, it's worth the wait! Hang in there, cuz you won't find a more sweet gal to work with, or cuter templates that everyone loves! - Tiana, Tiana Smith

LOVE!! Everything looks fabulous. You are wonderful! - Angela, Angela Smith Photography

*gasp* I think I'm in love! Seriously... it's perfect! Eek! I love, love, love it! I even just did a goofy little clap over here. YES! - Emily, Zolirew

OMIGOD!!!! I LOOOVE IT!!! :)) Ellie I'm so happy... I really want to thank you for everything. You were so patient, you don't know how much I appreciate it. - Marie, Blushing and Sweet

I absolutely LOVE it!!! There's no way I could have come up with a better color combo!! It's perfect. Fabulous job! Thanks so much. - Cara, Rick and Cara 814

Ellie!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG! took a first look and I am too excited...It's wonderful Ellie thanks, Mwah! Big Kiss. - Gisele, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Punch

Thanks for everything, you were such a doll to work with. - Rebecca, Ella Minnow Pea

OH WOW that looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much once again for all your wonderful help! - Esther, My Bride Story

I'm so excited about my new look! I've been working with Ellie over at Rainy Day Templates for the last month on an updated blog design. She's been absolutely wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to freshen up their site. - Kelly, Keg Design

Thanks again for the blogsite. You are simply amazing and the perfect example of someone who takes pride in customer service. When it came time for my 4th site/blog, the only answer to my design needs were you. The response from everyone has been overly positive (of course). Enjoy your holidays and thanks again for going out of your way to help me out. As I said before, you are the blogosphere version of Santa ... you wake up one morning and there it is! A wicked blog design:) PS - 2 of my friends are now sporting RDT blogs and they too look amazing. Everyone loves Ellie!! - Allison, Om I Yoga

I absolutely positively LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! You are amazing ! Thank you so much. This may be a little forward but LOVE YOU! - Lisa, Sing!

Ah, i love it! it looks just lovely. i can't wait to start blogging on it. You've been such a rockstar through this whole entire thing. it's been a blast. You are so the bomb! - Amanda, I Could Be Ordinary

I just love your work and somehow I find the need to keep creating blogs! - Nita, Kitchen Stories

I absolutely love it!!!!! Wow how wonderful it looks!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! yay!!!!!! Thank you so much Ellie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, you are so talented and I bet the biggest reward is making people happy when they see your work, that is the best part!!!! THank you!!!!!!! - Katie, Healthy Diva Eats

I have been quite busy with studying for my finals but I just want to let you know I cannot thank you enough for all you did to my blog! I absolutely LOVE it!!! You were so accommodating to my needs and you worked very efficiently! I will probably be in contact with you again soon to spice up my blog some more :) I just can't get enough! - Jenna, Jenna's Journey

That is perfect! I love it! You are a miracle worker. - Lydia, Ever Ours

Ellie! Thank you SO MUCH! It looks amazing!! You are so talented and were great to work with! Thank you thank you! xoxo - Olivia, Everyday Musings

You are awesome! I love it! I just got a message a minute ago from a photo friend...already saying that she loves it too. Thanks again for everything. You were equally as easy to work with. - Charla, Charla Blue Photography

Thank you so much for all the help and the work you put into creating a new layout for my blog, it really made the whole process so easy and I have to say that I love your Client Resources, it is so good! I am still working on the adjustments but it feels very good already and I have already got a lot of compliments! Thanks again for making this such a pleasant experience! - Ilva, Lucullian Delights

I have been wanting to do some major renovations on SWYNTS for months now, and after I found the wonderful creations of Ellie at Rainday Templates, I knew her style was exactly what I had in mind. Ellie is a complete doll and does BEAUTIFUL work. The whole process was super easy and I really didn't have to worry about a thing. I am in love with the new look and I can't thank this woman enough. :) If you are looking to update your blog or want to add anything special, please go check her out! - Lauren, Say What You Need To Say

Ellie, it is perfect!! I just love it so much! YEAY!!!!!! SO EXCITING!!! - Leila, Lulu Cooks and Juju Eats

Dear wonderful Ellie, we are so excited about it! I plan on sending a slew of people your way—this looks great! - Leslie, Modern Kiddo

Rockin! Well thank you so much again. So glad I did this, and you're so helpful as always! - Frenchie, TBD

Ummm, can I just say that I effin' love it!!! Seriously, I think looks awesome! - Kate, Pink Peony Girl

It all looks fantastic! I am already adding photos and text. It's a great setup... really easy to use. I love it!! - Elizabeth, E + K Wedding

Holy cow, I am so excited for the new and definitely 1000% improved blog design! The best part was I didn't have to switch to another blog format, which is what I was trying to avoid. Bigger pictures, easy to navigate and much cleaner. Thanks Ellie, you are the! :) - Rebekah, Lowe Photography

Everything looks perfect! Great work Ellie, as always. - Nina, Simply Sapphira Photography

Ahhh I'm so excited!! - Natalie, Natalie Jennette Photography

OMGosh!! I LOVE the blog!!!! I am so excited, I cant believe it looks so amazing! I LOVE it!!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Natasha, natasha montero photography

Looks fabulous!!!! - Allie, flower allie

This was the best experience! My blog is shiny and polished and loved by my readers. It's now clean and easy to navigate and makes me perk up every time I take a gander! Thank you for being such a wonderful and easy breezy designer! - Jamie, Jamie's Rabbits

It has been my pleasure to work with Ellie from Rainy Day Templates + Blog Design. We have spent the last 8 weeks, 28 emails and a crazy 5 am phone call with Ellie. She is an awesome gem! I am truly grateful for all the help she has given me - Katie, Not Just Vanilla

Okay, i LOOOOOOVE it!! It looks just as I imagined it would! And better! I'm absolutely in love with it! You are blog genius, thank you SOOO much! - Madelyne, maddie e. photography

You. Are. AWESOME! I love love love it and am so excited to get it launched soon!!! I can't thank you enough - and you've worked SO quickly! I am beyond impressed! It's been a pleasure working with you. THANK YOU!! - Elise, Pennyweight

I LOVE IT!! Thank you so much for your patience. I am definitely going to write about how "A+" this experience was even though I tried really hard not to be so A+! - Alice, A Plus Alice

I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! I love it. Thanks a million!!!!! - Amanda, amanda b photography

LOVE IT!!!!!!! You are amazing! - Lisa, Through Lisa's Lens

Oh, I'm so excited!!!! Thanks for everything Ellie! You rock my world. - Elizabeth, simple fancies

Thanks again for all you did. I've already gotten a few emails and comments about the new layout! I am so stoked! You were a delight to work with - I appreciate all you've done! - Naomi, Rockstar Diaries

Thank you!!!!!!!!! Heaps of love for being patient with me!! - Sherri, beyond red and green

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT ELLIE!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK MY SOCKS!'s beautiful - I'm uber excited! It's more than I coulda hoped for. Thank you so much. You are my hero! - Nely, All About {N}

Okay Ellie, we are in love. Obsessed even. I keep staring at the template and I LOVE IT. It's just perfect. So much more professional and high-end. - Andrea and Jodi, Gwyneth Paige

Thanks so much for getting this to us so quickly!!...The blog looks super duper fantastic. We are so excited for our blog to stand apart from our competition. You have helped us achieve this goal... You are awesome!! - Amanda, domicile

i can't rave enough about Ellie and how easy she was to work with, and fast! i am super thrilled with my new blog layout and page. the whole look just feels so much more in tune with what i wanted chicpea studio to be. so if your blog needs a new face lift and you use Blogger go to Rainy Day Templates. believe me you will be happy you did. - Jennifer, chicpea studio

I love it, thanks so much Ellie! - Rachelle, truffled ruffle

It's perfect, Ellie! Thanks again for all of your hard work on this, you're have been a dream to work with!! I am positive you've heard this a million times before, but you seriously rock. Seriously. - Michelle, Chick Pea Cottage

I love it, I love it, I love it! :) Thank you for all your patience and hard work!! - Ellen, Ellen Benson Photography

Thanks so much. You are providing an incredible service for such reasonable costs. I have been toiling away at my blog template to no avail. The blog was so ugly I could not bring myself to actually publish a post. Then you came like a bright, shiny blogging angel to usher me from generic blog template hell. :) - Emilee, crazy for choux

Oh my goodness, I can't believe the difference an amazing template makes...I absolutely love it...Thank you so so much, Ellie. You really saved the day. :) - Katie, Save Gocco

Thanks so much! I love it and after spending some time putting it all together I am loving it! The client resources were so helpful and I appreciate it so much. - Jenny, Anything Pretty

Looks awesome. - Alicia, Seaside Invitations

Thank you so much, Ellie! goodLife {eats} looks fabulous, fun, and professional. I love the work you've done and would recommend you to anyone looking for an affordable blog redesign. So happy I was able to work with you! You're a great asset to the blogspot blogging community. There's no need for an ugly blog! - Katie, goodLife {eats}

Love it... love it... love it! Thank you so much :) - Amy, Hiley Creative Photography

Ellie, you rock! This looks soo good! I love, love, love it!!! You truly are very talented and so much fun to work with. - Nirvana, Nirvana's Kitchen

I'm so so so happy with it. Thank you for making this so easy and great and totally beautiful. - Katie, Art Wall

Thank you Ellie i love it... It will be quite a big step up for my humble little blog. - Jennifer, chicpea studio

I really love it, it looks SO perfect. - Amanda, Martinis or Diaper Genies?

Ellie, you have no idea of the joy and excitement on the other hand of your screen....You are making the blog so nice and pro while remaining feminine and fun :) Your business can't be anything but a success. Your work is fabulous. If you did not live this far enough I'd deliver goodies to your mailbox!! THANK YOU!!! - Helen, Tartelette

Oh thank you so much, I love it!!!!! You're very good and quick too! I am so happy I found your website! - Sandra, Sandra Brzezinski Photography

I wanted to tell you it was a huge pleasure to work with you and I'm so happy with how my blog turned out! I appreciate your attention to detail and the quick turn around time. I'm passing your name along for sure. - Karen, Dinner with Julia

You are so awesome! Thank you so much for your quick response and such professionalism...You are amazing in how efficient and hard you work!!! I really love how the blog you created looks. Very nice! - Gloria, Grand Engagements

AWESOME ELLIE! You were a pleasure to work with and I’m so excited about this great new look! - Lynn, Paris Hotel Boutique Journal

Thank you so much for the fast response!...And I love love love my new blog!! - James, Clickr Photography

My blog has been around for one year. I jumped right in without a lot of direction. Over the course of the past year I have played in the blog design waters with no satisfaction. i knew I wanted to hire someone to help me but was looking for someone who could help with my personal taste. When I first discovered Ellie of Rainy Day Templates I knew I had found my match! Her whimsical, classy and elegant blog designs caught more than my attention. Ellie went above and beyond all of my expectations. She listened to my ideas and tastes. From there she was able to recreate better than anything i could imagine on my own. I would recommend her again and again. Thank you Ellie for such beautiful work and taking my blog to that level I dreamed of! - Jennifer, Maple N' Cornbread

I think it looks fabulous! I'm so excited! - Allison, Calligraphy & Design

Thanks so much for everything, Ellie! I am in love with the new template. Great work. - Melissa, Chicago Girl Gone Mild

You're the best, Ellie! I have no doubt that, should you feel like relocating to Bloomington, Indiana, we would be BFFs in a heartbeat. Thanks!!!!!! - Shaina, Post Smith

I just wanted to let you know just how much we love our design--I had a few people say to me "wow, it looks incredibly professional-it must have cost you a fortune!" I am happy to pass your name along to them in hopes that they can get affordable, stunning websites, too! I really appreciate your help and guidance through the whole process. You're great, Ellie-thank you so much! - Eve, Eve & John

Ahhh I love it! Gahh thanks! I think it looks amazing, I'm so excited! - Mia, Amelia Katz Photography

Ellie, you're awesome for doing this! Really took a big headache off my plate in trying to learn how to do it myself! I can't say enough good things about this experience. I'm so excited about the blog! - Stacy, S. Jacobsen Photography

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you've done. You've been fantastically patient while I ran ahead three hundred paces from sheer excitement and fell behind another hundred trying to learn the ins and outs of the blogger platform. I'm truly grateful and I couldn't possibly offer you enough praise. I will recommend you highly. - Erica, Self Not Stuff

Wow, it looks great! I simply adore it! That's exactly how I wanted to be!...And to be honest, I truly believe that this is the most beautiful template from all romanian bloggers :) And this, thanks to you! - Ina, Lifestyle blog

We love it!!! !! !! Thank you! Gracias para todo!! - Rebecca, Dream Within Reach

Love it girl!!! Awesome job! It looks so great! I'm so excited! :) :) Thank you! - Robyn, Be Creative Everyday

Thanks for the blog design...great work. :) - Shea, Mint Photo Lounge

Eee!! I loovvveeeee it! It's so awesome & the color choice was perfect! - Holly, French Fries, Gravy, and Motherhood

It's just perfect! You are so great at what you do. What a great talent and so organized! Thank you again! Love it! - Laci, Laci Davis Photography

You're like a Santa for bloggers!! I go to bed, wake up and "POW!!" new and fun things surprise me the next day. :) Thanks for doing the little extra annoying tasks. Simply amazing! - Alison, A Hot Pink Petticoat

If you're looking for complete creative control, but don't want to deal with all the HTML junk, Ellie's your gal. And she's CHEAP, to boot! - Jenny, LIttle Green Notebook

Fabulous, I can't thank you enough for making me a fantastic blog! It matches my website and my personality! I'm so happy! :) - Megan, Expressions Paperie

Oh Ellie! Thank you! The blog looks FAB! I am very excited! It was a pleasure to work with you...Thank you again! - Merissa, Merissa Cherie

I couldn't be more pleased with Ellie...her prices are beautiful and customer service speedy & fantastic. I'm both poor & cheap so I am really, really excited that I was able to afford (and justify) a nice layout finally, especially one I'm 100% pleased with! - Ameya, wonder & wander

I asked my readers for advice on how to redesign my blog and somebody smartly suggested your site. It has been such a pleasure to work with you. You are insanely talented and explain things as you go along--love, love, love that. Thank you so much! - Susannah, Petunia Face

A huge THANK YOU to [Ellie]! Check her out if you have the opportunity. She really is FABULOUS! - Martine, Making Paper Designs

I have to thank...Ellie Moore, who worked with me, listened to me, gently helped me make good conclusions and sound decisions, and made this whole process extremely fun (and affordable). Ellie, you are amazing. - Garrett, Vanilla Garlic

You have made the whole blog design experience a real treat compared to tearing my hair out to learn Blogger codes. Thanks for making it so simple! - Debbie, hand pecked designs

I’m so excited about the blog…it looks great!!! - Marsha, The Savvy Photographer

You have amazing talent! I really like the new layout!! This has been such a fun experience. Thank you! Thank you! - Kyle, midwest retreat

I love it, love it, love it and it was a pleasure working with you. Thank you so much for your time and effort - well worth the $35. - Kate, Mollie and Finn

Ellie was fast, friendly, and GOOD! If you're looking for complete creative control, but don't want to deal with all the HTML junk, Ellie's your gal. And shes' CHEAP, to boot! - Jenny, Little Green Notebook

I am BEYOND EXCITED! I screamed, I did. I love it, Ellie! You have been a pleasure to work with. I am going to tell every friend who will listen how great you were! THANK YOU SO MUCH! - Kelly, High Street Market

I don't think I could be more in love with it. Ellie was amazing. If you are even thinking about redoing your blog in the least little bit, I couldn't more highly recommend Rainy Day Templates. What fabulosity! - Jennifer, absent minded

I was so excited when I saw my new blog. Looks beautiful and so professional. I can't wait to hear comments about it. Thanks for working so fast and emailing me through the whole process. I really appreciate working with you. So pumped. - Helen, Cuisine d'Hélène

I am loving my new template. It's exactly how I wanted it to look. I love going back to my blog. It has now become my happy place because I'm finally satisfied with how it looks. - Damaris, Within the Corners of My Kitchen

Thank you so much! It looks great and I just love it all! - Jill, the good life for less

I am LOVING my blog! It came together so well. I really appreciate the time that you took putting it together for me and the previews you sent! THANK YOU! - Belinda, Belinda Olsen Photography

It's PERFECT! I'm ecstatic! No, ecstatic doesn't even come close to how happy I am because of your work. Bravo, Ellie. Seriously. Thank you is insufficient to express how grateful I am to you and your talent. Not only am I overjoyed at how the template looks I am even more thrilled with your professionalism, patience and listening ear to make my vision reality. I will tell all my friends who use Blogspot about you. Then again, my weblog speaks for itself! Thank you, thank you, thank you. - Jennifer, In Medias Res

YAY!!!! It looks awesome! LOVE it! Thank you!!!!!! I'm sending EVERYONE your way Ellie! You're amazing to work with and you've got mad skills girl! - Merrit, Merrit D. Photography

My new blog design is a hit! I've gotten so many compliments on it. Best of all, it totally reflects my own design sensibilities and perfectly fits the tone of my blog writings and photos. I enjoyed every aspect of putting this together. You made it so easy and fun. Thanks for letting me have so much input, much more so than I ever expected. - Minnie, Mama Without Borders

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you! We love the way our blog looks and we are working to make all of our online media match now :) I finally had a chance to read your tutorial on the photos and we used those instructions for our most recent post - it's a HUGE improvement. Thanks again! - Susan, Bella Weddings

Thank you sooo much!!! i love it! looks great! I love your website and services!!! - Nita, le {e} petitmonde

Ellie is AMAZING! I knew nothing about blogs and she was able to create something better than I could imagine with very vague suggestions! She was so patient with me and helped me with every step of my experience. I love my site and get so many compliments already! I could never have done it without her! - Laurie, Angels Among Us

With limited input Ellie kept surprising me with totally “Kerri” ideas without the pressure of dictating my vision in painstakingly specific detail. She was wonderful to work with from start to finish and should anyone else be considering a fresh face for their blog I enthusiastically recommend her. - Kerri, McCashew

I really appreciate you being so patient and so readily available to try out all the random ideas...I think your creativity helped a lot because I'm a bit all over the really helped me focus on the goal of the design (simple, classic, chic ,and reader friendly) even though at times I had random ideas. - Amy, Relentless Bride

I am so thrilled with my blogs, website, and etsy banner. You've been a dream to work with and so patient with the non techie person I am. - Alison, A Hot Pink Petticoat

Ellie is great at throwing options out there and letting me work through the design. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a new look. Many thanks! - Pittsy, Pittsy's Place

Ellie gave my blog a much needed upgrade and I can fully recommend her to you in a heartbeat! Really, really nice gal (yes, even on email). Superb customer service! Super affordable and a dream to work with. :) - Brenda, Kuga Designs

Thank you again for such a great design. I'm super happy with it, have gotten lots of great compliments and can't wait to launch the website based on the new blog! I'd be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for a great custom design at a reasonable price. - Carey, Lasso'd Moon Designs

I highly recommend Ellie to anyone who is looking for that new and improved look! She is very patient, by the way, and won't make you feel like an idiot for asking tons of dumb questions (not that you would, but I sure did). - Jora, Domestic Reflections

Fan-bloody-tastic! I would never have considered making over my blog until I saw Rainy Day Templates, and then I just had to have one! The process from start to finish was really quick, but that isn't to say Ellie rushed the job. She took time to listen to my bizarre requests and nailed the look I wanted completely. The biggest praise I can offer her is that people have commented that it is 'very me', she got where I was coming from right from the start. I am recommending her to practically everyone and I will definitely be coming to her again when I set up my next blog in a year's time. - Adele, TwentyFour Blackbirds

Ellie took the time to get to know me and what blog fit my personality and needs! And to top it off she did this on Thanksgiving, quickly and so inexpensive! If you ever decide you want a blog face lift I highly recommend her! - Meaghan, I Kicked Cancer's Ass

I'm no web design genius, but when I came across Rainy Day Templates, I knew I'd found the perfect person to give Listen & Learn music a complete facelift. Ellie worked tirelessly (not to mention amazingly fast!) to produce an awesome new look for my site. She listened to all of my needs and tweaked even the tiniest details to meet my needs. So if anyone is in need of a blog overhaul, I definitely recommend Ellie!!" - Rachel, Listen & Learn Music

The best direction I could offer Ellie was "I like bright colors and patterns." She created a totally perfect design for my blog which not only fits my writing but my personality as well. She was a dream to work with, and her humor made the process a snap. I've considered starting another blog just so she can create another design for me. No, really, I have. Anyway, I highly, highly, highly recommend her! - Tricia, Be Happy Be Happy

Thanks so much for all of your help, amazing services and fun emails. :) You have been absolutely amazing!!!! So excited!! - Nasilele, Nasilele Photography

I love it. I mean, I'm freaking speechless! And that rarely happens! Thank you so much! - Ashley, Ashley Graceless

WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! It looks so fantastic, I can't thank you enough! You rock!
I will totally recommend you! You are amazing!
- Sheri, Capture It Photography Blog and Capture It Photography Blogsite

Initially, I was completely lost when it came to what I wanted my blog design to look like. I gave Ellie a couple of my scattered thoughts and she was able to give me so many options as to what I might like! She let me tweak any and every aspect that I wanted, and was always able to get back to me very quickly with new suggestions and drafts. Now that it is all said and done, I could not be more pleased with the outcome! I really loved how involved she allowed me to be in the process, while still bringing her amazing eye for design to help guide me along the way! I know I am biased, but I think I have one of the cutest blogs on the web thanks to Ellie! - Kim, Life with Lily