Template Features

Each Rainy Day template is loaded with features that will keep your blog stylish, functional, and best of all, highly customizable. The templates are easy to use, easy to personalize, and have all the same drag-and-drop widget functionality as Blogger's Template Designer options. Please see individual template descriptions to find out what features each layout offers specifically, but in most cases, the templates include:

When Blogger introduced the Template Designer, they removed the "front end" color and font options (the fun stuff), and forced bloggers to use their new, more generic layouts if they wanted control over those things. The Template Designer gives bloggers the ability to quickly manipulate the layout of their blog design (including the width of columns, plus certain color and font choices), but it limits the extent to which the blog can be customized.

With a Rainy Day template, you'll have control over the color choices for nearly ALL variables of the design (things like your above-post date stamp, post title font, navigation menu, multiple hover and border colors, comment box and blockquote colors, etc.) In other words, I give the fun stuff back! To make these changes, you'll just click over to the "Edit HTML" tab and type in the color codes of your choice (directions provided here). You'll also be able to change your individual font choices (for things like blog posts, post titles, footer text, etc.), if you so desire. Please see the FAQ for a more detailed explanation of the difference between my layouts and those of Blogger's Template Designer.

A block quote is a section of blog text offset from the rest by color, font, or other detailing. Most templates feature a block quote with a colored background and a styled border. Block quotes are great for highlighting recipes or other important info, and are easy to use - simply highlight the text you wish to offset using your mouse, then click the quotes icon above the compose box.

An optional set of four small buttons which can be placed in your sidebar, sticky welcome section, navigation menu, or blog footer, and hyperlinked to Google Reader, your RSS feed, and your Facebook and Twitter pages - great for encouraging interaction and reader loyalty.

A small, bird-shaped icon appearing below your individual blog posts, a Twit This! icon allows readers to instantly tweet about your blog post on Twitter (optional).

A bird image that can be placed in your blog's sidebar and hyperlinked to your Twitter page. Placed near an HTML gadget of your Tweet stream, it's a fun, instant update for your readers of your goings-on (optional, of course).

An optional personalized sign-off that appears at the end of your blog posts.

A comment box featuring a background color or pattern, plus border styling (comment form must be set to "embeded" to see this detail). In most cases, you'll be able to change the color and border color of the comment box easily, right from your layout.

Individual comments will be numbered - perfect for giveaways and to facilitate reader discussion (comment form must be set to "embeded" to see this detail).

Most standard Blogger templates feature sidebar titles and post footer text "locked" into uppercase; all Rainy Day templates are made over with unlocked capitalization, so you can retain control over the look of these details.

A space at the top of your blog posts for posting announcements and welcome messages - see here for a visual.

The standard text of "previous entries", "newer entries", and "home" replaced with fonts to match the template header or sidebar.