Listed prices are subject to change.

Custom Favicon - varies
Many of the templates include favicons. If you purchase a Custom Colors + Fonts package and your template includes a favicon, it will be revised to match your design's new colors. However, if your template doesn't come with a favicon, or you'd like a different one, I can create a custom one for you. Price varies on whether or not the image/design you'd like is something I can create myself, or if I'll have to purchase an illustration from iStock. Custom favicons start at $8 for simple shapes - if I need to pick something up from iStock, the price would be the cost of the illustration plus a $10 handling/resizing/recoloring fee.

Matching Sidebar Titles - $3-5/per
Matching sidebar titles can be in any of the design fonts listed here (or any free font you know of, or have found online). They'll permanently replace your regular sidebar titles, and you won't be able to edit them once they've been installed. If you move gadgets around in your Layout, the matching titles will move with them, but titles cannot be transferred between gadgets after installation. Cost varies depending on style - plain text titles (no background color) are $3 each, and those over a background color (example: the footer titles at the bottom of this template) are $5/each.

Tag Cloud - $8
Many of the templates come with tag clouds installed, but if you'd like one added to a template that doesn't, I'll just need to know the two colors you'd like it to range between, and which of these websafe fonts you'd like it to appear in.

Sidebar Profile Styling - $10
You can always add a standard profile gadget to your template, right from your Layout. I also provide instructions on how to style your sidebar profile using HTML (in the way I've done on some of the templates) right here. However, if you'd me to take care of putting together something for you, I can do so. I'll resize and upload your photo, to which I can add a decorative border or a drop shadow; I'll also take care of configuring the text of your bio/welcome message. If you'd like a small custom "more about me" title, I'll create and add one of those, as well.

There are several different styles of sidebar profile styling, shown on various templates. If you'd like to add this option to your package, please let me know which template exhibits the style you'd like, and have your photo/text decided upon and available at the time of your order.

Sticky Element Styling - $10
All of the templates come with a sticky welcome element. What's this? Most clients who purchase photoblog templates like to use the sticky element to post their logo/title, a profile picture, and or some welcome text. I provide instructions on how to configure a sticky element to look like the one I've styled on the Charlie template right here - here's another set explaining how to add just a photo and greeting.

However, if you'd like me to take care of creating a sticky element section for you, I can do so. I'll take care of resizing your photo, logo/title and text to fit the space perfectly (it can be a bit of trial and error). If you'd like a matching greeting title, such as the "Welcome..." title in the sticky section of the Chloe template, I can create one of those to match your blog, as well. If you'd like to add this service to your package, please hold off on making your payment until you have the content for this decided upon and available.

Post Layout Changes - varies
If you'd like the arrangement of your labels, date stamp, comments link, or post sign-off changed from how it looks on the sample template, I can usually do so. Likewise if you'd like changes to the alignment of certain titles. Just let me know what you have in mind! (Cost ranges from $5 to $10)

File Saving - $10
If you think you'll want to update your blog header at some point, or you'd just like the peace of mind of knowing your blog is backed up from head to toe, this is the option to choose. I'll save a copy of your graphic images, for easy revisions. I'll also keep a copy of your template HTML on file. Please note that this fee covers the cost of saving the files - actual updates are an additional fee, listed below.

Header Update - $10
If you've opted for the file saving option and you'd like me to update your header using the graphic images I have on file for you, updates are $10 each. Note: updates include simple changes of title or image exchanges; more complex revisions may be more.